lyrics:多美恵 music:浅見武男

in the deep blue night
you were in my dream
the time the moon goes home
the sun began to shine 
in a moment day will break  

reason of your crying
closing your eyes  
reflect the world  
feeling first alone   
someday open your eyes 
you become aware  
a ray of the hope in your grasp   

in the east the sun rise with delight
overflowed lights in your little hands
It likes happy,warmth and love 
you carry us, beautiful smile

from the west the green wind blow
everything makes you welcome
love is always in your heart
someone sings "It's a wonderful world"

when we will talk at first time
I will tell you about your mom
you may be surprised a little or delighted
how child was she how she loves you

in the south the golden moon gives of light
it falls with twinkle on your head
there are things bless you in the world
we can hear breeze of mather earth

in the north shining star in the sky
it becomes guidepost for you
you must go everywhere everytime
we can make with you a wonderful world

come close future to sunlight
in the night sky has shooting star for wish

reason of your smile
still in your dream  
when you wake up
if you meet sadness
someday overcome
you become aware
full of the hope in your life   


vocal : 多美恵

produced by 浅見武男